Industrialized cities cause climate change


Deputy Director UNDB Turkey Country Office

I will make my speech in English, but I hope that if you invite me next year, I will try to learn Turkish as much as I can, ladies and gentlemen. and thank you.

t time and I have seen many beautiful houses during the travel. Now I will talk about a happy city. It would be difficult to put it clearly in a single word, but I would like to say very interesting figures, for example, shared city statistics or important statistics about how the cities are expanding and growing on a global scale, for example you will remember that 55% very important 2020 by 2030 in the city sixty percent of the population will be Lara and even in the next 20-30 years, this will come up to 70% 100 of course there is a difference between Asia and Asia, we can go up to 90, so only one of the 10 people In the coming periods you will be living in the countryside, of course, cities have always been seen as a cradle of opportunities on a historical scale. You have a hardworking spirit. Curing coming from cities on the basis of this, when we look at it, we can say that it is 80% in our associate professor said that the factories industrialization and new developments cities are always seen as popular settlements and of course cities have been fed into this industrialization process but cities do not support economies and sectors alone In the light of scientific developments, urbanization and urbanization graphs have seen a serious development in many areas such as health services needed in cities, but now we have always dealt with them from a positive perspective. I want to look at the negative side of what is the negative side of cities as we say today when we look at seventy percent of global energy resources, and actually look at the environment and climate These cities are the most serious impact bells, the cities that have completed the industrialized industrialization and the cities that have the most impact on the climate, and of course everything from the infrastructure to the whole economy will be affected. We need to ask how happy our cities are. In the meantime, the concept of happiness and the city and happy city also addressed me are really happy are we really happy and cities are happy to determine this theme I would like to convey my congratulations and thanks at this opportunity.

In a panel attended and followed by Youth Action Leaders of President Salih Soner GÜLER


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